Family Time!

Check out these titles and activities to make your next time together the greatest...

Story Time!

During a period of massive disruption for her family, Bea finds solace and perspective in her notebook of things that won’t change. The heart of what it is to be a family and the grounding families provide is revealed there.

This picture book not only gives a preview as to what to expect with the first haircut experience, but also celebrates the role that fathers play in providing models and guidance to younger family members.

Using the lyrics from a beloved children’s song, this picture book celebrates the security providing routines that the young experience with their families while also providing glimpses into the animal kingdom.

This picture book celebrates the bonds between babies and parents throughout the animal kingdom. It is an informational and comforting title for story time with family!

In addition to providing a lavishly illustrated depiction of living and working on a remote light house in the last century, this Caldecott winner also shows how families start and thrive in remote conditions.

This chapter book explores Merci’s adventures as a new sixth grader but also the challenges of dealing with an ill family member and negotiating the pressure families experience when a beloved elder falls ill.

This picture book celebrates not only Native American family unity, but also the universal connectedness of all people in descriptions of the many traditions and rituals that surround enjoying food together.

In the end, The Odyssey is about a family fighting to stay together. This graphic novel captures the heart of the classic tale.

A boy expects his family reunion to be uninteresting but discovers the power of family and connection in this story of connection and gaining perspective.

Even though he fears the trip will be boring, Daniel learns that traveling can be an adventure and finds many things to see and do on the long trip to his grandfather's house.

Games, Movies, and Exploring Fun!

Chihiro must negotiate a magical spirit world to save her parents after her family stumbles into another world. This beautifully animated and scored film is suitable for even young viewers.

History, tradition, and Irish folklore all help this story of a young girl’s efforts to reunite her family and find her lost brother make for a quiet and amazing movie set on the coast of Ireland.

Pai must buck family tradition to take on a leadership role in her community to save the heart of her family. This wonderfully filmed glimpse in to Maori culture is a great film for the entire family.

SESAME STREET's website  provides social emotional development opportunities as well as entertainment and other education-based content. Humor and inclusion are a theme throughout the materials.

LEAP FROG provides entertainment and educational opportunities for kids of a wide variety of ages. The site is colorful and engaging and features clips and activities.

STARFALL is a quick-to-load resource for reading and learning games. It’s also handy for introducing young kids to concepts like holidays, nursery rhymes, and simple riddles.

This classic children’s show with universal appeal now has a YouTube channel. A great variety of clips provides entertainment for the entire family.

There is now an online way to play this family favorite card game, thus allowing family members to play together virtually when gathering is not possible.

This for-profit site has a paid firewall but still provides an impressive amount of high-quality lessons, videos, and games that cover an expansive range of natural and social sciences.

The free and publicly funded site provides a wealth of activities, clips, and complete episodes of quality and education-based children’s programming.The content reflects cultural diversity and inclusion.