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To help us best match you with a training session, please complete our Athlete Survey. We use information from our survey to organize our instruction and match athletes with others of the same ability and interests. This first step helps us keep our training sessions productive and fun. Should our current class for your ability level be full, completing the survey is your best way of reserving a spot in our next one!

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Biathlon Alaska Sessions

To Start…

Before you can shoot at the Kincaid Park Biathlon Range, you need to have done the following:

Successfully completed the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage Biathlon Range Safety class

Have purchased a current United States Biathlon Association competition license

Be a member of NSAA and have purchased for the current season a NSAA Biathlon Range membership. These allow you to use the range and club rifle without have to pay daily fees.

Additional costs such as purchasing a shooting cuff (available through Biathlon Alaska or NSAA) and standard velocity match grade .22 ammunition will also be accrued. 

There is currently a nationwide shortage of ammunition which has driven up costs. NSAA and Biathlon Alaska can have ammo available, but participants may occasionally need to procure their own supply.

Please contact me if you have any questions and we'll see you at the range.

Tom and the Biathlon Alaska family.

Need scholarships, private, and individual sessions are available as resources allow. Contact Tom for more information.

Please make checks payable to Summer Air Services or Tom Grenier. A completed Biathlon Alaska Liability Release form must be provided before training unless already on file.

Interested in starting biathlon?